School Visits & Presentations


Tony is available to visit schools, libraries, conferences and similar events to give presentations about his work. These can be adjusted to suit all age levels, from 1st graders to college students to professionals.

 Visit to Taylor Ray Elementary, Richmond, TX.

Visit to Taylor Ray Elementary, Richmond, TX.

School Visits

When Tony speaks to children he discusses how the things he loved as a kid, drawing and looking for bugs, are still the same things he loves now, and how he's channeled that love of art and nature into a career in animation and children's books. Tony starts off by showing some of the art he made as a child. Then Tony talks about the steps he took to become a professional author and illustrator. He reads The Greatest Adventure, his debut picture book, and shares some of the stories behind its creation. He discusses his process of writing and illustrating, and gives a drawing demonstration with some quick, simple drawing lessons.

To learn more about the fees associated with scheduling an event, please follow the link below, Honararium.

 Tony presenting at Texas A&M University for the Student Conference on Latinx Affairs.

Tony presenting at Texas A&M University for the Student Conference on Latinx Affairs.


Tony also loves to present to adults.  In these sessions Tony discusses the details of his creative process, from seeking inspiration to story development to illustration techniques to working with deadlines.  Tony can also share the story of his unique path to publication, and discuss how his Latino heritage has influenced his perspective and found its way into his work.

To get a sneak peak of the content of one of his talks for adults, follow the link below.


Book Ordering and Signing

Tony is always happy to do book signings at his speaking events. A signed book is a fun memento and can serve as inspiration toward a child’s own goals. 

Tony has absolutely nothing to do with book ordering or selling. Many bookstores provide education discounts, so selling books can be a way for schools and libraries to generate extra money. Contact your local bookseller for more information to learn how you can purchase directly from publishers with an education discount.

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